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History. Archive. What does it mean when something-- an object, or collection of objects-- is allowed to inform its own documentation?  
This is a series of cyanotypes on handmade and found papers, made after a collection of dresses, and various other objects, were found in my grandmother's things after her own passing. Hers, her mother's, and grandmother's, perfectly preserved for a yet unknown purpose. This series is an archive, but also a blueprint-- both literally and figuratively, of the potential energy of those dresses themselves. Exposed on found papers-- or handmade, or her things and mine,  in direct sunlight, and developed in a series of creek waters, rainwaters, from her own childhood and mine, this imagery connects body with absence, landscape, self, and the idea of a past that patinas and directs our future, driven by material, content, and ecological relationships between past and present and the ritual of preservation that keeps us moving. 

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